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View into Gila National Forest

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One of the most spectacular and remote regions in the Southwest, the Gila Wilderness and Gila National Forest region will reveal a southwestern color palette, one of New Mexico's pristine treasures

Untouched the past years wildfires, the beauty and magnificience of ancient sycamore and cottonwood trees along miles of Bear Creek is breathtaking! Climb high and feel clean, crisp air carrying millions of migratory birds on their journey south. Discover ancient Native American home sites, flora, and wildlife  in the Gila Wilderness Region. Step back in Time ... take a journey your heart and mind will not soon forget .

Join us for a customized eco-tour, a gently guided horseback wildlife vacation adventure, a trip into untouched wilderness areas to explore the plants, animals and geological wonders of the amazing Gila National Forest and Gila Wilderness which adjoinsDouble E Ranch and its northern border of southwest New Mexico. The best way toexperience the region of the Gila National Forest and Gila Wilderness of southwestern New Mexico, USA is on the back of a horse.

Gila Wilderness Expeditions offer an opportunity for you to combine your love of nature with your passion for horses! On this horseback wilderness adventure your trails are made -- not followed. It's all about the journey -- not the destination.Vista into the Gila National Forest

From the comfort of your cozy cabin at the Double E Ranch, tucked away in the corner of southwestern New Mexico, you will be presented with an exclusive opportunity to experience  a virtual ecological paradise for those seeking absolute solitude and escape from modern society's busy, stress-filled lifestyle.

Imagine yourself standing  on top of a high, looking at a remote peak in the Pinos Altos Mountain Range, spectacular New Mexico vistas surrounding you, able to see all the way into Arizona and beyond.  You can feel  Nature in all her complete and complex perfection!   Intensely blue skies,  crisp clean air, the only sound might be the whisper of an eagle's  wings, the wind gently caressing the trees or silence.  As late as 1924,  trails were practically non-existent in this area and the bear still ruled. Not much has changed in this incredible wilderness setting!

Refresh and revitalize your spirit simply by feeling its grandeur, purity and remoteness.  No one knows exactly when the first human settlers came to the Gila Region. Bear Creek However, the presence of man and machine has been extremely limited, even through today.  By using Double E Guest Ranch as your staging site, you can begin a unique journey back through thousands of years, experiencing  wild lands on the back of a gentle, safe horse. 

Consisting of several  relaxing loop journeys, travel  back in time  through 30 million years on land  that eventually became one of the early pioneer ranches established near the end of the Apache Wars in 1886.   You will have an exclusive opportunity to explore areas accessible by invitation only, isolated and remote.  This area is now known as the Double E Ranch.You will begin your journey each morning from Ranch Headquarters and return each evening to the comfort of your cozy, rustic cabin and a hearty home cooked meal.

While it's not  possible for us to accommodate special Vegetarian Diets, pasta, eggs, chicken, rice and bean dishes are always on the menu, regularly.  We won't let anyone go hungry!  However, please be responsible about your dietary needs.  Be sure you let Ranch Staff know ofany dietary concerns or allergies on your arrival  in order to avoid miscommunication and problems.  Thanks!

Weather and Climate:  Four gentle seasons best describe the climatic conditions in the Gila National Forest,  Gila Wilderness and  Double E Ranch areas.  The latitude, as well as the  Vista into the Gila5,000 - 7,000 foot elevation  permits maximum enjoyment of the region during any season.  Whether winter or summer, daytime temperatures are generally pleasant for hiking or horseback riding, and range from the high 90's in the warmest summer  months to mid-40's in winter.  The area enjoys an average of 345 days of glorious sunshine and clear blue skies annually. For additional information on the area, check out the Silver City Website.

All participants should be in good physical condition and capable of being on horseback or hiking for a minimum of 3-5 hours.  A combination of  hiking and horseback riding is encouraged.


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